Go Green

Ever since Global Warming became global phenomena, multinational companies & corporations have been widely accused of being major contributors of carbon emission into environment. In fact nowadays it has become a fad to blame corporations for all the environmental hazards and problems that our society is confronting.


Fortunately, we at Renaissance eServices are in the business of eLearning which brings in the following GREEN benefits:

1) Cut Carbon Footprint With Online Classes
Taking online classes can significantly reduce a student’s carbon footprint as found in a 2005 study conducted by Roy R.; Potter S.; Yarrow K. and Smith M., conducted by Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) and the United Kingdom’s Open University Design Innovation Group (DIG) on “Towards Sustainable Higher Education: Environmental impacts of campus-based and distance higher education systems.” In this study of students researchers discovered that an online student can reduce his or her carbon or CO2 emissions from 81 kg (178.5 lbs) for a full time to student to about 2 kg (4.4 lbs) for a blended online and print-based course.
Online students still need to run and house their computer, but as noted by Jessica Stasiw in another article on “The Eco-Benefits of Online Learning,” the roughly 90 percent of the savings in energy and emissions saved in the areas of transport, campus, and residential energy far outweigh the energy used for computing and server housing for online students.”

2) No Commuting With Distance Education

One of the biggest contributions to greenhouse emissions comes from transportation. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends driving less to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from gasoline. One of the greatest benefits to decreasing carbon emissions is that with online learning, there is little if any commuting, since most students do their online courses from home.


Renaissance eServices is a Proud Institutional Member of SPHEEHA which is an NGO Based in India working in the space of Environment and Ecology. Every year they plant hundreds of tree, implement rain water harvesting, promote solar energy and other renewable energy sources amongst other. In fact the worlds first 100% solar energy based University was achieved with the efforts of SPHEEHA.

Thus, when you engage Renaissance eServices with your eLearning development work – you are indirectly helping save the environment!! Every small step counts and we encourage our clients and students to Go Green!