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  • Meducination

    Meducination brings to you the best possible online medical education! Whether you use it as a Learning Aid or CME or Certification or for Entry as a support staff in medical profession- our courses cater to all your needs!

  • Psychology World

    Psychology World offers Certificate Courses in Psychology and Applied Psychology, vetted by experts, approved by institutions and leading trade bodies. These courses are of beginners level and are a MUST for those aspiring to learn, understand or pursue a career in Psychology.

  • LinguaVille

    LinguaVille is a new, exciting and vibrant way to learn or revise for a second language. LinguaVille is a language learning suite of exercises designed in a structured format within the National Curriculum guidelines.

  • eLearnVille

    eLearnVille offers discounted courses powered by Vubiz content. The courses have been rated as amongst the Best eLearning Courses from ELearning Media Group and have received an excellence Award from BrandonHall. Hence our students get the best that is available in terms of technology and content.

  • eCollege Of India

    ‘eCollege of India’ was launched in 2006 and is the first eLearning portal dedicated to professional students and corporate India. It offers a number of certifiate self paced programs sourced from a number of providers. 

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