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Publishers of reference information, directories and databases face continual challenges to maintain their database breadth and depth. There is a constant churn and change in the content listed.

Renaissance eServices turnkey content maintenance and updating service ensures that the client’s records are accurate, consistent, complete and updated on a timely manner without loosing either the depth or breadth of the information present.
Our content maintenance and updating solution covers a wide range of databases including company information, product/service information, financial information, intellectual property information etc.

Our data conversion capabilities include XML tagging, data cleansing, data normalizing and conversion from legacy / print formats to client defined requirements.

Our team is selected from a talent pool so that their professional experience and expertise matches client needs. We use innovative and robust knowledge processes coupled with proprietary technology to help deliver unmatched quality.

Our association with erstwhile Data Publishers Association [DPA (UK)] and now Periodical Publishers Association [PPA (UK)] brings value to these offerings!

Information Analysis and Interpretation
Beginning with data collection, information compilation and content management, Renaissance eServices completes its offering across the entire content value chain with information analysis and interpretation services. This capability helps clients convert information into knowledge and helps unlock the true value of their content.

Our team of analytical specialists includes MBAs, statisticians and other qualified professionals with several years experience. The team specializes in researching, integrating, analyzing and interpreting information to form clear high level, as well as detail level view on specific subjects for the client.

Our ability to extract intelligence using a high level of proficiency, coupled with sophisticated technology and tools, helps deliver insights that enable clients to make accurate, timely and well informed decisions.
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