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Flash Animation: ‘Copper T’ Insertion Demo

Category: Animation , Concepts , eLearning , Flash , Training
Tags: Adobe animation Demo e-Learning eLearning Flash Renaissance eServices

Animation described: ‘Copper T’ has been in use for over five decades, touting a greater than 99% pregnancy prevention rate. What is the process behind inserting a ‘Copper T’ is showcased in this animation.

Why Video: Since the copyrights of the animation resides with our client and to protect their IP, we have used a video grab to showcase our skills. Quality of videos will be less than actual animations.

Pointers: In creating any animation, it is critical for the development company and its team to understand the concept and processes (if any) involved. This becomes more critical when showcasing or describing a medically related event. The eye for detail and precision needed becomes critical for the eLearning development company and is a hallmark of its expertise. This eLearning animation was developed by Renaissance eServices for our client.

Tools used: Adobe Flash

Complexity: Medium to High