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Flash based eLearning Course: Job Search Strategies

Category: Animation , Audio , Concepts , eLearning , Flash , Training , Web Design
Tags: Adobe animation Demo eLearning Flash Job Search Online Training training

Course described: Job Search Strategies for Chemical Professionals was developed for a leading industry association. The course helps the association members to identify career opportunities and gives them an outline to develop strategies when looking for a job.

Why Video: Since the copyrights of the course resides with our client and to protect their IP, we have used a video grab to showcase our skills. Quality of videos will be less than actual course material.

Pointers: In creating any course, it is critical for the eLearning development company and its team to understand the learning objectives, learner details and learning duration in order to identify the right instructional design theory. The use of assets like pictures, graphics and animations become critical in the design element as the “look and feel” of the course is a direct outcome of these. The use of voice-over is optional and is determined by the complexities and demand of the client (learners). The use of assets, voice -over synchronisation and overall look and feel are critical responsibilities of the eLearning development company and is a hallmark of its expertise. This eLearning course was developed by Renaissance eServices for our client.

Tools used: Adobe Flash