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Flash Animation: ‘Hearing by Air Conduction’

Category: Animation , Concepts , eLearning , Flash , Training
Tags: Adobe Demo development eLearning Flash

Animation described: Hearing by Air Conduction is described as the atmospheric transmission of sound to the inner ear through the external auditory canal and via structures of the middle ear. The animation is complex due to the detailing and precision required in explaining the concept.

Why Video: Since the copyrights of the animation resides with our client and to protect their IP, we have used a video grab to showcase our skills. Quality of videos will be less than actual animations.

Pointers: In creating any animation, it is critical for the development company and its team to understand the concept and processes (if any) involved. This becomes more critical when showcasing or describing a medically related event. The eye for detail and precision needed becomes critical for the eLearning development company and is a hallmark of its expertise. This eLearning animation was developed by Renaissance eServices for our client.

Tools used: Adobe Flash