New Partnership

Renaissance eServices and eXact learning solutions sign distribution agreement The learning content management solutions (LCMS) provider, eXact learning solutions, has signed a distribution agreement with Renaissance eServices. 

Its blend of technological excellence and commitment to e-learning standards has made eXact learning solutions is one of the world’s top LCMS solutions players. Designed to support a ‘Lean Learning Organization’ in delivering learning and knowledge content through online and mobile learning content management solutions and services, the eXact learning Suite is at the forefront of technology and is backed by the company’s two decades of experience in providing software solutions for e-learning.

 Renaissance eServices is a trans-oceanic knowledge-orientated firm th ...


Go Green

Ever since Global Warming became global phenomena, multinational companies & corporations have been widely accused of being major contributors of carbon emission into environment. In fact nowadays it has become a fad to blame corporations for all the environmental hazards and problems that our society is confronting.   Fortunately, we at Renaissance eServices are in the business of eLearning which brings in the following GREEN benefits: 1) Cut Carbon Footprint With Online Classes Taking online classes can significantly reduce a student’s carbon footprint as found in a 2005 study conducted by Roy R.; Potter S.; Yarrow K. and Smith M., conducted by Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) and the United Kingdom’s Open University Design Innovation Group (DIG) on “Tow ...