10th Anniversary

Renaissance eServices completes 10 years in business


Renaissance eServices is celebrating 10 years of being in business in October 2015 and we would like to take the opportunity to share our story with everyone associated including YOU! 🙂


In a country where 9 out of 10 start-ups fail and where the concept of business is to either to borrow money from someone else OR get an investor – we have bootstrapped all the way!! A company which was a bedroom start-up and was nearly on the verge of bankruptcy in its early days due to a client payment default, where our first product was launched with the intent to make it a ubiquitous entity and failed to achieve it by eons; to date where it operates in 26 countries. A company where the proverbial “sun never sets” is actually true to the core, where its has thousands of direct students studying on its educational portals and of course a client base that is the envy of all peers! From a sole proprietorship, to a partnership, to a multi-location private limited company, to having its own overseas subsidiary. From getting ISO certifications to the Crown Commercial Supplier tag – we have covered milestone after milestone with panache. The entire credit goes to our multi-talented & hardworking team for delivering excellent products and services, time and again.


Its been 10 amazing years with a lot of ups and a few downers, making the journey interesting and the experience enriching. It has all the ingredients of a potboiler, a story fit to be a folklore in the coming years, a journey which will be called legendary! A company where the core team has been around since inception and where rarely has anyone quit for professional reasons – it is shaping into one of the better companies to work for if not the best.


Its the sheer hard-work, dedication & intellect of the team, that the development centre runs from Agra with members of the team being across the globe including Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, London & Nottingham. While Mumbai is our birthplace, UK is our quintessential karma-bhoomi (place of work) with our development centre in Agra being the hub of all behind the scene action and the rest of the world our playground! While UK welcomed us with open arms and even got our CEO to be a Guest of Honour at the ‘DPA Annual Awards – 2009’ at Brighton, the city of Agra has been magnificently gracious to acknowledge the work being done at our development centre by awarding the prestigious ‘DLA Entrepreneur of Year Award – 2014’ to our CEO. Our journey has been well illustrated in the coverage we have got by YourStory, Economic Times, Digital Learning, Times of India, Mail Today and many other prestigious publications over the years!


The biggest and best elements in our journey have been our customers; be it for development or students. The names include the who’s who of the global educational fraternity and it is because of their exacting requirements, need for perfection and superlative quality which has shaped our character and thus our destiny. We are what we are because of them! It is no sheer coincidence that over a million students have used content developed by us and the numbers are only growing. We take this opportunity to thank them profusely for their support all these years.


Our partners and vendors have provided us with the best possible technology, platforms, hardware & software. Their invaluable support and timely deliveries ensured we could progress all these years. We also cannot miss the pizza delivery boys, the coffee mix supplier and the samosa vendor in Agra without which our late nights and brain storming sessions would not have been effective! 🙂


With portals like PsychologyWorld, Meducination, LinguaVille, EdHunger, eLearnVille and eCollegeofIndia – our focus continues to be on expanding our outreach across the educational spectrum. We kick start our month long celebrations by releasing our celebrations logo as a mark of recognition and of our appreciation to everyone associated with us, a lot more is on the anvil. Whilst we continue to look for talent, customers, ideas AND improving & increasing our outreach – the journey has just begun. We thank you for your support thus far and we look forward to that continued support in the future as we enter our next decade!